Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wedding Wear

Deciding what to wear to a wedding can always be a difficult feat. During a little chat amongst our staff about what to wear to a wedding (Jena has one on Sunday afternoon), we decided the only rule you HAVE to follow is don't wear white.

Of course, make sure it is appropriate, but it can still be fashion-forward and fun. Oh, and not to mention comfortable. You need to be able to get that groove on! 

 Jena picked out this jumpsuit for her wedding Sunday. 

We also think this pretty Aryn K. maxi is a perfect choice. Our friend Paige wore it to her brother's wedding recently. How stunning is she?

Photo by Lanning Photography, Dallas

Our third choice is this gorgeous gold maxi by Fumblin Foe. It is not only perfect for a wedding, but a must-have item. Every member of our staff owns this baby! The gold color truly works as a neutral and you can pair this beautiful skirt with anything. 

Don't forget our styling expert Chloe can help you put something perfect together for a wedding, or any other event for that matter! Call us to schedule a free styling appointment. Don't forget, you'll also get 15% off whatever stunning look you decide on!

PS- Worn anything from Maude to an important event lately? Send us a pic! We could post it on here and make you famous. :)

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