Friday, January 6, 2012

Make It Your Own

I've had women ask me from time to time how I know 'how to dress.' Sometimes, I come up with looks on my own. But nine times out of ten, I copy, copy, copy. Pinterest is now a great place to look for style inspiration, but before that existed I would like at online sites like Forever 21 {great styling!} and various blogs to get ideas. I also draw inspiration from my co-workers constantly. Our owner wore a blouse, fur vest, and wide leg jeans the other day...which reminded me I have a fur vest, blouse and wide leg jeans. So, I wore it. 

When it comes to fashion I do believe there is nothing truly original. Even if you aren't gaining inspiration from a past fashion era, inspiration is drawn from cityscapes, nightlife, nature, you name it. The cool thing about fashion is how one takes what is already there and makes it there own.

When I saw the look of Lindsey of Saucy Glossie, I loved it and instantly thought of items we could put together to make it a Maude original. 

If you get inspired from somewhere to put together an outfit that features an item from Maude, send us a pic and we will post it on here! We love to see what our fans are wearing!

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